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CBS Quick MBA from Home

Chulalongkorn Business School (CBS) took into account the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on economy, political and society in Thailand, and every sector including the public, and private sectors, entrepreneurs as well as households affected need to find seek solutions to tackle this crisis, so CBS come up with “CBS Quick MBA from Home”

 “CBS Quick MBA from Home” hosted by CBS via short free online courses aimed to increase the knowledge and enhance understanding business operations across all groups of people affected by the COVID-19. The consequences of aftermath of COVID-19 on changing consumer behaviors and developing digital technology brought about online learning, becoming a leading tool that is accessible to the general public. Everyone can join this course no matter what are you who you are- entrepreneurs, architects, teachers, and etc.  For this reason, the project equipped them to combat the global crisis by providing strategies for business resilience and to create new businesses opportunities.

Hathaichanok Nopcharoonsri, a product developer from Woolworths Group Limited, says she was grateful for the opportunity to join this event. “She explored for more practical knowledge and exchanged experiences from a diverse group of people”, she explained

“CBS Quick MBA from Home” is a transdisciplinary learning project that has been featured experienced guest speakers for our professors, distinguished alumni, scholars, executives been recognized at a national and international level to share their professional expertise. It consisted in three main projects: Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, CBS tackling COVID-19, and Space by CBS. Each project provided sessions in various issues such as leadership management, marketing, and management in crisis, SME, data visualization, etc.

The project provided theoretical knowledge, recovery advices for business scheme, and direct experiences from many speakers for the general public to cope with COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it built stronger partnership with academia and alliances with businesses.

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