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Chula’s museums: Lifelong learning resources

Chulalongkorn University is home not only to many faculties and institutes committed to cultivating and transferring knowledge to students in preparation for them to serve society, but also to many learning spaces that serve academics, students, faculty members, university personnel and members of the public. It reflects the university’s policy of lifelong learning for all, offering continuous learning activities in informal and pleasant surroundings with a focus on “edutainment”, and open with free admission.

These lifelong learning resources include museums and art galleries, under the supervision of either the central university administration or various faculties. Currently, there are 23 such resources, each representing a distinct body of knowledge. They include the Chula Museum, Memorial Hall of Chulalongkorn University, Museum of the Human Body under the Faculty of Dentistry, National History Museum under the Faculty of Science, and many more.

Other lifelong learning resources can be found in provincial sites, such as Daraphirom Palace Museum in the northern province of Chiang Mai, and the Phra Chudhathut Ratchathan Palace Museum in the eastern province of Chon Buri. [ ]

The exhibitions in the various museums and art galleries of Chulalongkorn University attract visitors from all walks of life. Their success can be attributed to the interdisciplinary approach to developing and organizing creative content and design, integrating knowledge and techniques through collaboration among various agencies. Here are some of the major successful exhibitions staged in 2021 and 2022. 

“Skeleton’s Secrets” 

The Skeleton’s Secrets exhibition impressively combined art and science to present a creative display of various vertebrates’ skeletons. Visitors were able to immerse themselves in an aesthetic experience while also learning about the skeletal systems of different types of animals. [ ]

Source: Sarakadee Lite

[ ]

The exhibition was held at the Chula Museum from Feb 1 to May 5, 2021 with free admission. [ ]

Words and Humans

Jointly organized by Chulalongkorn University’s Office of Art and Culture, Faculty of Arts, Department of Thai Language, and the Ministry of Culture, the exhibition entitled “Krai Sang Kam, Kam Sang Krai” (Who creates words and words created by whom) was held to mark National Thai Language Day in 2022. It sought to emphasise that a “word” is not just a unit of language to convey meaning but is related to its users as well as social and cultural factors. The study of words helps us understand the human thought system, values and beliefs. It can also serve as a tool to study socio-cultural factors and the evolution of society. [ ]

The exhibition was held from July 29 to Sept 27, 2022 with free admission. [ ]

The Museum of the Human Body

The museum is one of only 11 of its kind in the world and the first in Southeast Asia that uses Plastination techniques to display the human body. This new preservation method uses liquid plastic solutions to replace liquids and fats in body tissues, which helps eliminate unpleasant chemical odors and decomposition, and preserves bodies and organs in their original condition for a long time. The museum displays the full form of human bodies and parts in a high-quality 3D exhibition.

The museum is located on the 9th floor of the Thantaphaetayasart Chalerm Navamaraj 80 Building in the Faculty of Dentistry. This permanent exhibition is open all year, free of charge. [ ]

Source: Thainess TV

The Natural History Museum of Nan, the Art and Nature Museum in Saraburi, the Chao Krom Poe Herb Garden and the Boonrod Bintasan Herb Garden are academic and learning spaces for young people.

Their aim is to expand community knowledge and research as well as cultivate awareness of local natural resources and reduce the inequality of education access for students in Nan and Saraburi provinces.

Source: CU Channel Engagement


  • Office of Art and Cultural, Chulalongkorn University
  • Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University
  • Center of Learning for the Region (CLNR), Chulalongkorn University