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Siam Innovation District captivated many innovative hearts and played a role as a factor behind the success of Thailand’s 10 billion worth startup

The city of innovation of Siam or “Siam Innovation District” (SID) has been developed by Chulalongkorn University in the name of CU Innovation Hub for 3 years. The project has provided 1,000 square meters of space in Siam Square area to accommodate scholastic area amidst capital city of Bangkok. SID is the center of exchange between innovative knowledge, and the district itself helps improve Thais’ ability to compete and advance to international stage. Many activities help encourage Thai innovators such as workshops, lectures, exhibitions including the show for Thai-made ideas. Up until now, this space has been providing, with no charge, a co-working space for more than 50,000 innovation enthusiasts, and thus establishes a Smart Intelligence Community to inspire around 180 Thai innovative startups such as Baiya Phytopharm, Nabsolute, Haxter, CU RoboCOVID, Tann D, VIA BUS. These startups are the new hope to utilize the machine industry to boost the economy in the midst of Digital Disruption era. The market is now worth 150 billion baht and distributes its benefits to more than 1 million people domestically.  

Associate Professor Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai, vice president of Chulalongkorn University, said “Our University has been hosts for the “Innodating” events to unite people with innovative “ideas” and people with the practically “I do” attitude. Moreover, we recognized that Thailand’s brilliant innovations are neglected. Most of the cases are award-winning innovations. We would like to use the SID space to introduce these exceptional innovations to Thai people, and to make an actual sale.”

Siam Innovation District (SID) has been a bond to bridge between educational institutions and the industrial sector. This coordination could fulfill the need of each sector and establish a close relationship, as the government and industrial sector can provide financial opportunities to brilliant individuals with ideas from Chulalongkorn University. They could coordinate to develop the new products and services to satisfy customers both Thai and foreigners. This project is subsidized by Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited for the capital worth of 200 million baht.

These are the following examples of various types of events that are designed to offer everyone with vocational training:

  • “Armed with ideas Turn the crisis into an opportunity” with Foodstory how to change restaurant business in the digital age to survive
  • “COSMETIC LAB Training Workshop” is a lotion making demonstration
  • ” Study8 Seminar Series: A seminar to promote knowledge for SMEs” on the topic of “Application of AI Technology and Social Media for Creating Growth and Profit for the Business”
  • “Urban Farmer” is vertical farm planting training under collaboration between CU Innovation Hub and noBitter, which is a start-up in the field of agricultural technology with a focus on solving food waste problems.

Participants gain and exchange their knowledge in technology for business development and operation, and create the application of digital technology and innovation. Additionally, they process the knowledge and basic skills for expanding businesses or products, and these activities bring about and develop an ecosystem for the new generation with an entrepreneurial concept or whom are interested in starting a start-up enterprise to increase the quality of life and convenience for entrepreneurs and people in the community.

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