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CU NEX — A Digital Lifestyle University

Today’s education is intertwined with digital and technological advancement that both intensities competition and provides opportunities for students, universities, and other educational institutions. Universities cannot deny their duty in ensuring the quality of education and providing a facilitating online system.

The CU NEX Project, a collaboration between Chulalongkorn University and KBank, is designed to consolidate knowledge from within the university and its community members and transform Chulalongkorn University into a “Digital Lifestyle University.”

All students will be provided with virtual IDs that will allow them access to facility services, make cashless transaction and exchange information in the university and its networks.

The augmentation of digital lifestyle on campus will also promote learning opportunities and improve business potentials. Activities like “TechJam”, “MAPS, and “ChAMP,” provide students with knowledge from world-class tech hubs and open doors to the global marketplace.

Additionally, Data Hub that features information in Chulalongkorn’s network will be able to create Business Intelligence (BI) algorithms that customize learning formats to match students’ individual patterns. All will be achieved with multiple layers of data protection and blockchain technology.

After successfully serving over 50,000 students, lecturers, and staff on campus, the plan is to include more than 500,000 “Chula Citizens” in its nexus. Eventually, the model is expected to be applied to other universities nationwide.

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