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Chula’s Communication Courses in Digital Era

Chulalongkorn University plans to overhaul communication arts’ curricula to remain relevant in today’s media industry and to draw more applicants. The existing courses will be adapted and updated while new courses will also be introduced.

Prof. Dr. Parichart Sthapitanonda, dean of Faculty of Communication Arts said that the revisions will correspond with the new domain of the media industry— the digital platforms. Many of the majors’ names will be changed.

For example, a major called “journalism and information” will now include “new media” in its name, a broadcasting major will become “media design and production,” and advertising will add “brand communication,”

The undergrad program will offer up-to-date subjects such as data journalism, social media for journalism, design for digital games, and digital literacy. These courses will equip the Faculty’s graduates with skills their future employers deem desirable.

The new curricula also allow students to choose minor subjects in different faculties so that the knowledge they gain can be more well-rounded. The apprenticeship will be extended to four months, instead of three, to better train students for their future employment.

Moreover, Communication Arts will offer a new master’s program in data science and two free online courses on advertising and infographics.

Original article: February 27, 2018