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CU Enterprise, the holding company

Chulalongkorn University, a leading university in Thailand, thrives to push society forward with knowledge and innovation through ‘Innovations for Society’. This is a response to policies of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, who announced plans to promote joint investment by public and private sectors in innovative businesses as well as establishing regulations to promote joint investment and to utilize research results (in accordance with the Science and Innovation Research Promotion Act, Article 31). The company’s main income is from holding shares in other companies (Holding Company) in hopes to expand research boundaries and birth innovation for commercial gain, which in turns creates jobs and adds revenue to the Thai economy.

Chulalongkorn University, therefore, established “CU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.” to support the birth of innovators, innovation, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the Chulalongkorn community. The establishment created an ideal innovation ecosystem as well as acted as a network link between business and industry sectors, pushing Chulalongkorn University to develop research and quality innovation. As a result, CU Enterprise has become a model for Thai universities while also adding value to society.

On the same token, the university also encourages each faculty to establish a holding company, such as CU Dent Enterprise Co., Ltd. (C.U.DENT) of the Faculty of Dentistry, CU Vet Enterprise Co., Ltd. (CU VET) of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, CU Pharm Co., Ltd. (CU Pharm) of the Faculty of Pharmacy, to invest in research development, to create value and income, and to broaden the capabilities of each startup.

Finally, Chulalongkorn also established “C.U. Enterprise foundation” to fund the research for 194 Startups teams from CU Innovation Hub and to support the work of “CU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.” such as Chulalongkorn university-endorsed startup – Baiya Phytopharm Co., Ltd, the owner of innovative plant-based vaccines. This innovation is believed to have the capacity to develop into Covid-19 vaccine which will be domestically produced. The project “Covid-19 Vaccine for Thais” aims to fund 500 million baht from 1 million Thai people.

This action leads to a model of true practicality and that reflects ‘The leadership’ of Chulalongkorn University as foundation builders of innovative development that drives Thailand towards internationalization.

BY CU Enterprise Co., Ltd., Chulalongkorn University  

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