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Revealing the steps to the success of Chula Smart City, inviting you to witness Smart Mobility

Chulalongkorn University via Property Management of Chulalongkorn University drive the project “Chula Smart City” through “SMART 4” leading a 4-dimensional genius innovation including Smart Living, Smart Energy, Smart Environment, and Smart Mobility. Supporting the new lifestyle of over 50,000 Chula people who reside on the 1.5 thousand Rai land, located in the heart of Bangkok, while building value for the community and society as well as highlighting various automotive features in response to SMART MOBILITY.

The results of the automotive innovation within the Smart Mobility group at Chula is brought for service within the university area, helping to enhance the image of being a model genius city and an innovative district that creates value for the community and society. Altogether there are 5 traffic supported vehicles to watch that are worth giving a try including

  1. Chula Pop Bus electrically powered, continuing the concept of reducing pollution in line with the university’s green initiative, and helping to facilitate students, faculty, and Chula personnel as well as the surrounding community at no extra cost. The service route is divided into 5 lines to reduce cars driving into the center of the university, linking the mass transit system to the university area to reduce pollution, which currently there are 5 lines of Chula Pop Buses available for use between Monday – Saturday at 7.00 am – 7.00 pm (only line 1 and 2 are available on Saturday). Additionally, there is a Chula Pop Bus application that tells you the location of each Chula Pop Bus second by second, making travel through Chula more convenient.
  1. CU TOYOTA Ha:mo Born from the cooperation between Chula and Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd in the sharing cars together through small-sized electric vehicles in Bangkok CU TOYOTA Ha:mo which helps facilitate service users who are connecting from public transport such as BTS, MRT, and buses. The service is available every Monday – Friday from 7.00 am – 7.00 pm, with there being a service fee of 30 baht for the first 20 minutes, then after the first 20 minutes, the fee is 2 baht per minute.
  1. Electric Tuk Tuk Muvmi created from being able to see the issue surrounding connecting Tavel from mass transit such as BTS and MRT, which is inaccessible to areas in small alleys and streets or places that aren’t on the main road. Thus, the combination between “On-Demand” applications where you can request a car at your convenience without having to wait for timetables and buses not following the regular route that used to exist, and “Sharing” which utilizes modern technology to connect users who are traveling in the same direction to similar, to be able to share a car, which lowers costs and is suitable for the current cost of living with students and workers being able to access it. Other than the application, another highlight of MuvMi is using a 100% electric vehicle in serviceof picking up and dropping off commuters. This electric vehicle has been through collision analysis in partnership with the National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), which brings us confidence that they are safe for passengers to use while also being environmentally friendly.
  1. Chulalongkorn University Public Bikes (CU Bike) born from the concept of endorsing the use of bicycles within the university, in partnership with the Pun Pun Bike Share project. Equipped with an automatic borrow and return system by the project, which emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly energy, with the stations using energy from the sun (solar cells), the bicycle control boxes and front and backlights using energy from the energy accumulated while cycling through a generator, helping to reduce the use of personal vehicles within the university, air pollution, while also endorsing the improvement of the health of students and faculty from cycling.
  1. CU Covered Walkways & Sky Walk a connection for people who aren’t in a rush or that like to walk within Chula with the walkway featuring a roof that connects all buildings within the university, with the expansion as a Skywalk which connects Chula, through MBK, to National Stadium BTS station. This is to create convenience for people who intend to travel to nearby stations by walking, reducing the number of cars and motorbikes within the university, which release carbon dioxide gas, and also endorsing healthy lifestyles of students, faculty, and the general public through exercised by walking, while also protecting walkers from rain and heavy sunshine.
  1. ViaBus – Transit Tracking & Navigation a smartphone application on Android and iOS which allows people to track and navigate buses in real-time. This enables people to be able to access information regarding various public transport channels with ease i.e. bus location, stations, and routes. Helping commuters make travel decisions and manage their travel time more efficiently, with 1.7 million users currently.


Office of Property Management, Chulalongkorn University      
Office of Physical Resources Management, Chulalongkorn University

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