The spread of COVID-19 has caused significant damage to the economy due to lockdown         restrictions, directly affecting the economy in almost all industries. Not only have economic           activities been halted, but civil society activities, causing a halt in student’s education. Therefore, students have to adjust their lifestyle to continue their studies despite this critical condition.

Chulalongkorn University has utilized available innovations and successful online platform “my CourseVille” to help aid the halt in education of Thai students across the country. This platform has become a medium for management of teachings in educational institutions, helping schools and universities continue with studies, and efficiently dealing with limitations caused by the current situation. 

From the intention to develop the potential of graduates, paired with laying down the foundations of lifelong learning for Thai and global society, Chulalongkorn has reformed the digital educational management concept. Consequently, “my CourseVille” was created as an innovative service. This platform is therefore, able to support Chulalongkorn’s students, and other educational institutions including fundamental education, vocational education, and higher education. This granted access to knowledge that is able to help with the management of infrastructural expenditure and platform licensing. The platform will allow an increase in transferability of knowledge from teachers to students, and also acts as a center of the educational ecosystem which supports information systems and educational applications to connect and work together seamlessly, despite the software being from different organizations.

Currently, the platform has drawn interests from many institutions, leading to wide use of “my CourseVille” especially in top private universities such as Bangkok University and Dhurakij Pundit University. There are also further collaborations with private alliance networks to develop efficient learning management systems such as the “OnSmart. School” application and the media application “PaoPe” which is currently used for the management of studies online in 3 schools including Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Primary School, Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School, and Donbosco School in Udon Thani. These applications are now ready for implementation in other schools and also supports the lifelong education of over 300,000 Thai people. Counting only the registrations statistics to distribute knowledge to public arranged by Chulalongkorn University Learning Innovation Center or Chula MOOC, it is found that over 900,000 people have registered their interest to learn. Consequently, this leads to various educational institutions in Thailand to continuously use such platform to teach online, with an average of 13,000 users per day and 160,000 users per month, which is more than the original number of students that Chulalongkorn University was able to produce by 20 times, in the past year amidst COVID-19 situation.

Therefore, “my CourseVille” is a digital platform that plays an vital role for Thai education to           continue despite the current state. Beneficial as a by-product for Thai public, The platform grants access to knowledge at each individual own pace. This has contributed to “Lifelong Learning” in Thai society, and allows Thai people to get ready for this learning evolution in the digital age.

BY  Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

      Learning Innovation Center, Chulalongkorn University

       Office of Academic Affairs, Chulalongkorn University

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