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CU offers online events via online sharing-platform

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (BAScii) is pleased to offer all interactive webinar series of free online seminars on topics related to current situations include COVID-19 or business opening to the public to join, regardless of gender, age, educational or occupational background. Notable speakers from a variety of professional backgrounds such as professors, executives, and experts come to share their approaches and tips to navigating today’s world via Facebook and Youtube. During webinars, everyone can access and watch each live session webinar from everywhere and is able to interact directly by typing questions to the guest speakers. Each session has been recorded and available to watch afterwards on our channel. The issues provided and broadcasted are ubiquitously catered for all of they need.

Here are some examples of archived webinars

Innovations for Society: Leading our futures through sustainable development, July 31 2020

Seminar Overview

Apart from internal collaboration, hear from the experts of UNDP, Yunus, SDGx and find out top 10 finalist projects that will proceed to the next stage of our challenge – mentorship!

Engaging Our Future!—Innovation Challenge for Sustainable Society is a global engagement program in the form of social innovation competition. It encourages university students from around the globe to work together as a team towards Sustainable Development Goals. In order to provide best opportunities and values, the organizers will closely collaborate with local and international partners whose expertise and experiences will enrich the participants of the program.

Delivering Smart City in Practice: professional views and opportunities in Thailand, July 9, 2020

Seminar Overview

Smart City has been the “hot” topic in the world of technology and urban planning. Implementing the concept of smart city requires more than technology. How can we drive the community to work together toward smart city? How to design data sharing to benefit all parties involved in city services? How to systematize the building design to benefit city management?

Telecom Revolution through the Pandemic: Innovative Insights on the Future of the Industry, June 30, 2020

Seminar Overview

In order to broaden post-COVID insights, the theme will be mainly focusing on the revolutionary innovation in the telecommunication industry (TLC), particularly 5G. Pandemic gave us trauma, but also taught us a lesson, this webinar will demonstrate how to create new business opportunities and to bring new values leveraging on powerful and reliable TLC infrastructure in the short future.

Telecommunication industry is urgingly exposed to a new revolution. Therefore, how to deliver information through TLC more efficiently? Can 5G be quickly adopted and universally standardised? And what innovative business models based on future-oriented TLC networks can we come up with now, to be ready for a potential COVID-19 resurgence?


Bachelor of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (BAScii),
School of Integrated Innovation, Chulalongkorn University

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